DoorsChoosing a Door for your home makes a statement. It says as much about your individuality and personality as it does about quality and durability. Once you’ve had a door installed in your home, you’ll never have to give it a second thought. Why? Because it’s strong, weather tight, maintenance free and totally secure and will last for a very long time. Now that’s peace of mind!

Your front door is the most noticeable and striking feature of your house. First impressions count, so naturally you want it to enhance your home, exuding quality and discerning, good taste. Our doors not only offers a touch of class but combines a secure feel and kerb appeal in abundance. It’s like a designer label for your home.

Ultimate kerb appeal
Whatever your preference, the realistic wood grain effect texture of a our doors make it look like a stylish traditional timber door with the ultimate kerb appeal. It’s low maintenance too – your door is robust and weather resistant – it will never rot, warp or crack nor will it ever need painting. It can also hide minor scratches and is easy to clean.

Sleep soundly
Disturbingly, one home in the UK is burgled every 37 seconds. By fitting our doors front and back you can be assured that your family and your belongings are secure. Reassuringly strong and seriously secure, a high performance door is something you can rely on. Our doors features a unique ‘inner frame’ which is specially designed to hold all the locking components. This makes it incredibly strong and virtually impossible to break through.

Whatever your preference, the realistic wood grain effect texture of our doors makes it look like a stylish traditional wooden door, but with none of the drawbacks commonly seen with timber. Our doors are for the seriously style conscious. Not only will it enhance your entrance – it’ll entrance your visitors with its striking good looks and elegant styling. But it’s not just about aesthetics and luxury; it’s about performance, security and style and ultimately enhancing the value of your home.

Ultimate stable door
Our Stable Doors are quite simply the best stable door on the market – greatly admired and respected in the trade. It offers all the performance benefits you would expect together with the functionality that only a Stable Door can provide. The option to open the top door only, ensures that children and pets are kept safe and secure while still allowing fresh air into your home. It offers you the benefits of a window where only a door will fit! Featuring a unique double weather seal – exclusive to us – you can be sure your Rockdoor Stable Door will perform just as well as our standard, single door.

Bring the outside in
Our Stable Doors are available in 2 different styles which allow different amounts of light into your home, as well as 10 different colours, inside or out, to suit many property styles, from traditional country cottages to modern, contemporary semis.

Secured by Design
To give you reassurance, our doors are  manufactured in accordance with Secured by Design, a Police backed accreditation. Therefore you can be confident that Secured by Design doors leaving our state-of the-art production line meet with your local police forces approval. To ensure your door meets the Secured by Design requirements please specify Laminated Glass and a 6 Pin Locking Cylinder when ordering your door.

What makes our doors so secure?

  • Multi point locking systems, using incredibly strong Brass and Nickel hooks exclusive to us.
  • Secure steel drill plates which prevent the locks being drilled out.
  • Cylinder guard protectors fitted as standard to prevent the lock from being snapped.
  • Locking cylinders that prevent lock bumping.
  • Outer frame just as secure as internal frame.
  • Aluminium and polypropylene reinforcement used on both outer and inner frame.
  • Internal steel mesh making the door almost impossible to cut through. (optional)
  • 50mm door leaf as standard.

Bumping is a simple method of releasing a lock with minimal effort, using readily available tools and leaving no visible sign of attack. You’ll be glad to know Rockdoor has a cylinder lock especially designed to prevent bumping. All our locks are independently tested by the UK Locksmith Association.

Multi point hook locks
Our door hook locks are manufactured from solid Brass and coated in Nickel which engage into steel keeps running the full length of the outer frame to prevent the door from being prised open. Rockdoors – Anti Drill – Anti Pick – Anti Bump – Anti Snap = ANTI WORRY