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Conservatories & Orangeries
You’ll want to consider how best to complement your home, and what you really hope to get out of your new room. Will it be a study, perhaps, or a playroom? Or maybe you just want a bit more space to relax… With so many options to consider when choosing your new conservatory, we appreciate the difficulty of finding your perfect solution. To help you decide what is best for you and your family, one of our experienced sales staff will be delighted to discuss the various options available to you.

PVCu Windows
The PVCu window has come a long way over the past two decades. Gone are the days of bulky and obtrusive frames. Today, PVCu windows are not only designer to look good, but also to meet the highest standards of quality and performance.
No matter what style of property, we can offer you a design of window to complement the architecture. From the simplest casement window to the grandest Victorian bay, we can create both traditional and individual look for your home.

PVCu Doors
PVCu doors are now generally well accepted as the product of choice for homes across the UK. But there is an enormous range of PVCu door products and choices out there and a wide range in levels of quality and security. So its important to make sure that your investment is a wise one.

The long, straight board that runs along the lower edge of the roof. It is fixed directly to the roof trusses and usually does all the strong arm work of supporting the bottom row of the tiles and carrying all the guttering.

Is the show off. It demands to be seen and won’t carry a stich of guttering. But then the condition of the backboard can often make or break the look of a house, and over the years it has evolved into some pretty fancy shapes to say the least.

Is the unsung hero of the threesome. Saddled with a name that sounds vaguely medical, it is tucked away underneath in a supporting role to the other two boards but without it they wouldn’t look half as good.

Box Ends
Is the equivalent of the local pub for these three characters. Its on the corner and they always end up in it. The box end is a work of art accommodating as it does the many different angles, planes and heights of the three boards as they head for another get together.