With so much choice in the marketplace, its hard to know where to start. If you want your windows to have a positive impact on the environment the first step is to choose a reputable installer. Individual workmanship can effect the benefits of installing energy efficient windows choose a company with a credibility and expertise to guarantee a first-class installation.

Windows from DG Solarlite

Our energy efficient windows are produced using the award wining BBA and BFRC approved Duraflex profile system to give you complete peace of mind. Energy Efficient options can save you money. With rising fuel and living cost, it makes sense to let technology help reduce the heating you need and cut carbon emissions too.

By thinking and acting greener, you can reduce both your impact on the environment and your heating bills. This is why energy efficient windows are the clear choice when deciding on which windows to fit in your home. If the windows in your home consist of single or double glazed units, replacing them with energy efficient windows will save you money in fact it can reduce the energy you need to heat your up home by up to 20%. The window energy rating is a label is similar to that used on many white goods in our homes, such has fridges and washing machines. Windows are scored on a scale of A-G with an A rated window being more energy efficient than a G rated window.

So the time you spend making the right choice is an important investment in the future. We believe in giving you the facts you need to make that choice, So we’ve put together this website to help you judge for yourself what makes our products the industry benchmark for superb value, environmental responsibilities, security and dependability. There’s more than three decades of design and manufacturing experience behind our products. These years have taught us what our customers expect from us, so which ever product you choose you can be sure of.